AC/DC – Adelaide riots in 1988!

Posted: July 26, 2010 in Random Rant
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Back in 1988, I went to see AC/DC live on the Blow Up Your Video tour. My first rock concert and it was a blinder! It was kinda crazy, the first moment I walked in the door, I saw a dude walk past me with a hotdog in his hand. He vomited everywhere, fell over and passed out. The support band had only just started. When I left the gig that night, this dude was still passed out. He had missed the entire show. What a waste of $$$. Anyway, the most memorable thing for anyone who went there was the riots. Half way through the show, crazed fans had torn down fences, rolled cars over fences, set shit on fire, and caused a ruckus. These following reports were shown on Adelaide news programs and have been forgotten about til now. I found these on a video tape so I figured I should upload them for all AC/DC fans to see and enjoy this piece of rock n roll history.

  1. willywonka says:

    I was 16 and was one of the hoons drinking outside that night. I saw this entire incident begin when a stolen car drove through the crowd. The crowd flipped the car on its roof, smashed it to pieces and then bowled over the cyclone mesh fence like it wasnt there. It was insane to watch the police on horses retreating in a hail of bottles.

  2. chris says:

    this concert was not announced till after most aussie shows were sold out reason it was globe derby back in 88 word around town acdc wanted memorial drive but goverment etc said no

    so adelaide got a cut price gig 33 bucks globe derby was the place / metal hammer uk mag ran a feature on acdc back home in oz and wrote the band played most major cities and 1 or 2 gigs in the bush !!! was an unreal night pink floyd @ thebby oval shame the mortal sin / anthrax bill @ the bridgeway was cancelled !! an awesome summer in adelaide …………..

  3. star says:

    Thats me blue tshirt handcuffed

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