Posted: July 2, 2010 in Random Rant
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A few posts back, I did a review of the Goodnight Loving’s self-titled album and thought it was quite a good one. So last night I played it again and was still amazed at the greatness of this thing. It’s really quite swell and I think if you haven’t heard it, you should get along to Off The Hip and buy yourself a copy on CD or glorious vinyl. This album is a keeper. But that’s not why I am talking about them today. You see, back in September last year (2009, and the 4th, to be exact), the chaps from the Goodnight Loving visited Australia to play a bunch of shows around Melbourne and Sydney. One of these shows was an instore performance at Off The Hip Records. I went along and took my trusty video camera to film this event cos I saw them the weekend previous with Johnny Casino and they were awesome so I had to capture this great band so I could show it to friends n stuff that haven’t ever seen them.

ANYWAY, the reason for this random post is that just recently I made a DVD of that show and you’re all entitled to copies of it. Seriously! I’m not out to make money off the band so all you gotta do if you want a copy is paypal me $4 (USA) to: damomusclecarhotmail.comat (replace the at with an @, obviously) and I will use that $4 to buy a DVD-R, make you a copy and then post it to your doorstep, just like that! That’s a heaps good deal. If you know me personally, just give me a blank DVD and I’ll burn it for you. There’s no cover art but you will get the full 36 minute show. It was all filmed with 1 camera but it is a digital camcorder. There’s no extras cos I don’t know how to do that (plus I only filmed this one show) but this is a show recorded in stereo and the sound and picture quality are both rockin’ enough.

I have uploaded the entire show in a lower quality to YouTube which you can watch here but if you want the full thing on DVD-R, then yeah, I’ll hook you up.

In the meantime, here’s the show on YouTube from start to finish. Enjoy!


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