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When you release an album called “King Of Power Pop!”, you’re making a pretty big sweeping statement and one that’s sure to have the critics ready to shoot down. Paul Collins has been around long enough to have perfected this craft of power pop song writing so I am sure he’s ready for anything they’re ready to dish out at him. Including me. So I gave this a cranking and have to say, I was hooked in immediately. Wow! This guy just knows how to write a great tune. Under the guidance of producer Jim Diamond, Collins’ simple yet effective and highly infectious ‘King Of Power Pop’ is track after track of golden gems fit for any jukebox across the globe.

Kicking off with a booty shakin’ number called “C’mon Let’s Go!”, a smile widened on my face and my feet were tappin’ uncontrollably. This is good. Damn good! The only thing that’s missing here is the weather. If it was Summer here in Australia I’d crank this album and fire up the BBQ. Hell, in a few months I am sure we’ll do that anyway. Excellent! The songs are short and sweet. They get in and out before they outstay their welcome. You get 13 tracks in under 32 minutes. There’s anthems (“Do You Wanna Love Me?”), there’s power ballads (“Hurting’s On My Side”), subtle ballads (“Many Roads To Follow”), and even a cover of The Box Tops’ probably most well known tune, “The Letter”. The latter of which I am sure was done in tribute to the late Alex Chilton; former singer of the Box Tops and later of Big Star fame who sadly passed on this year. Should I also add that Nikki Corvette and Wally Palmar of The Romantics are guests on this album? I shouldn’t even have to as the album sells itself on the strength of its songs alone.

This album is like the Beach Boys and The Beatles partying with The Replacements and the Ramones. It’s a feel good bunch of songs that are much welcomed in a time when there’s so much negativity in the world today. Sometimes you just need to unwind and forget about your shitty job tomorrow or your ex-girlfriend banging your best friend and just let yourself be one with the music.

So is Mr. Collins the King Of Power Pop? Maybe. Maybe not. But either way, this album is definitely up there with the best of them. Don’t believe me? Tune in to the next episode of the Long Gone Loser Rock Show for a track by track review of this rockin’ little number. Let’s pop!


I uploaded this great interview with Jello Biafra to YouTube as it wasn’t online and I felt it should have been. I attended his spoken word tour that he did a couple weeks after this TV appearance and was well amused, educated and inspired. Jello Biafra is not just a political genius, but he’s an all round nice guy too. I got to meet the dude after the show and after he made some jokes about Venom (I was wearing a Venom top), he signed some records and posed for photos. Anyway, the reason for this post is to show you this 2 part video. Lost until now. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Back in 1988, I went to see AC/DC live on the Blow Up Your Video tour. My first rock concert and it was a blinder! It was kinda crazy, the first moment I walked in the door, I saw a dude walk past me with a hotdog in his hand. He vomited everywhere, fell over and passed out. The support band had only just started. When I left the gig that night, this dude was still passed out. He had missed the entire show. What a waste of $$$. Anyway, the most memorable thing for anyone who went there was the riots. Half way through the show, crazed fans had torn down fences, rolled cars over fences, set shit on fire, and caused a ruckus. These following reports were shown on Adelaide news programs and have been forgotten about til now. I found these on a video tape so I figured I should upload them for all AC/DC fans to see and enjoy this piece of rock n roll history.

Aussie Brazillian rock n roller scores himself a French release and kicks out the jams. This best of retrospective collects 15 of Simon’s best tracks from his solo career, post-Vanilla Chainsaws, and bundles them up with liner notes, bonus videos and the whole kit and caboodle. If you’ve been following Simon’s work, you’d know he’s prolific in his song writing; pumping out more albums in the last few years than most bands do in their entire musical careers. Pretty impressive stuff. So with a back catalogue as extensive as Mr Chainsaw’s, how does one narrow it down to just 15 songs? With great difficulty but it seems he’s done it and this album is a great collection of punk rock n roll should-be classics.

The album begins with my personal fave of his, a song called “Deaf Ears” that reminds me of Junk Records-era Dragons so I knew I was gonna be diggin’ this from the get-go. This is perfectly structured punk rock. Kinda like the song the Dead Boys never got around to writing, know what I mean? It’s good shit! “Be Your Drug” is both melodic and gritty and another catchy number that’ll be an instant fave. He slows things down on the track “Bruna” but they don’t stay slow for long as he shreds in the suckerpunchin’ “Born To Die”, which almost borders on late 70’s metal which I found quite surprising as after being on tour with Simon, I didn’t think he’d pull off such riffage being that metal isn’t really his forte’ no matter how much he was subjected to the likes of WASP in the van. The album finishes with Simon’s anthemic “One For The Road”; a song for those residing in Dumpsville. After 15 tracks, you’re not bored. You’re rocked… like a HUSH record. This album just keeps you boppin’, groovin’ AND kickin’.

Now, granted, I got around to enjoying the majority of these songs night after night on Simon’s 2010 European tour so my bias could be a little, if not totally, one-sided but don’t let that stop you from dabbling outside your comfort zone and judging for yourself. In fact, if that’s all too much trouble, and in this day an age everyone wants everything right here, right NOW! No waiting! Well, just click the link below for the 2010 tour video I made to the track “Deaf Ears”. Have fun! Support real punk rock.

“Eight Times Lucky” is out now through Kicking Records.

Simon Chainsaw’s Official site.
Simon Chainsaw’s Myspace page.
Kicking Records’ Myspace Page.

DANKO JONES – “Below The Belt” (Bad Taste)
How good is this dude? I mean, really? Oh, if you live in any country that isn’t either in Scandinavia or Europe, you probably have no idea who Danko Jones is and that’s a shame. Mr Jones seems to play primarily in those regions these days… kinda like how Manowar don’t play in the USA or any other country where English is a first language. The mind boggles… I am not sure why DJ isn’t one of the biggest names in rock. He has it all; the songs, the style, the live show… it’s a great combination. Maybe it’s cos he’s Canadian cos nobody really knows who Devin Townsend is either these days.

I remember when Danko Jones toured Australia on the ‘We Sweat Blood’ tour. My band, Muscle Car, got to open for them. There were around 30 people there. Serious! A measly 30 payers! Granted it was a Wednesday night and it was in Adelaide, but still, I knew right then it was going to be one of those gigs that people would talk about and people who didn’t go will say the usual “Yeah, I should have gone to that… I dunno why I didn’t” Um, cos you have no fuckin’ taste? Yeah, exactly! ANYWAY, I remember watching the show and being completely blown away. It was unlike anything I had ever seen. For a trio, the power coming from the stage was just over the top. It just sounded unlike any other band playing live at the time, and to this day, Danko still sounds like Danko. He’s one of those artists that keep on releasing quality albums, one after the other. It’s like the dude just knows how to write a good tune.

‘Below The Belt’ kicks off with a quality balltearer titled “I Think Bad Thoughts”; a lyrically awesome track of guts and glory. I have felt and thought the same things. It’s good stuff. “Tonight Is Fine” brought back shades of KISS for me which is cool cos at least Danko’s albums aren’t filled with filler and his lyrics are 1000x better than Gene’s will ever be. Really, the dude’s a lyrical genius. I used to think he hated women but further investigation had me realize he doesn’t hate them all, he worships them; just not those lying, cheating bitches who like to fuck up people’s heads and cause bullshit. But I could be wrong. This is just speculation, after all.

There’s a song called “I Can’t Handle Moderation” which I found amusing as I have always believed Danko to be straight-edge. When we did that show with him, we never saw him indulge in anything except awesomeness. He stayed calm and collected and most quiet after the show while everyone else was in party mode. I think my favourite tune on this album is “Full Of Regret”; I love that use of the cowbell. I’m a sucker for good percussion, plus, the song kicks serious amounts of ass.

I gotta hand it to him, Danko Jones is one talented guy and ‘Below The Belt’ is another fine edition to his catalogue of cool. If you’re a fan of rock, no, I would go as far as to say that if you are even a fan of music, you are already diggin’ his shit, am I correct? If you answered ‘no’ then you seriously need to re-evaluate your loyalty to the rock!

Side note: I wonder why he has never recorded the song ‘Mountain’ on any of his albums. If you don’t know the song, here’s a YouTube video. He played this at the show in Adelaide and I remember my drummer’s girlfriend freaking out when he started hitting himself. Good times!

KLONE – “Black Days” (Season of Mist)
Whenever I see a band line-up and a dude is credited as to playing “atmospheric guitar” I know I’m gonna be subjected to a bunch of arty wank. Well, I had never heard Klone before (that’s a terrible band name although I am thinking Klone probably means something weird and wacky in their native tongue… which is French. Trop bien!) but I read the back of the promo disc and immediately saw in capital letters the word TOOL. Now, I am by no means a TOOL fan so I was getting’ kinda worried. What was I getting myself into here? Still, I had to have an open mind so the disc was played with open ears.

Some describe this band as prog-rock, others call them a stoner rock band, and well, to me they’re kinda both but I also hear a lot of 90’s grunge in there too. A weird mixture of Neurosis meets Pearl Jam cross genre heavy music. I like Neurosis but never got Pearl Jam. I know, I was one of those guys. I did like Green River though and Mother Love Bone were heaps awesome, and of course, Mudhoney were the cream of the crop, but I digress… this is about Klone! These guys started in 1999 and I had no idea they existed until today when this appeared for review. I’m glad it showed up too cos it was good to hear something so different to the blasts of grindcore I was also sent (which you can read about following this review).

For me, this album was a bit long to sit through. Yes, I know it’s a bit double standard of me to say such a thing after praising Watain for their 80 minute long opus “Endless Lawless” but you gotta understand, they’re heaps evil and might stab in the neck with an inverted cross. I would have preferred more of an EP cos this album’s 54 minutes long and you gotta keep in mind that I think Screeching Weasel’s “My Brain Hurts” is one of the most perfectly crafted albums of all time with it’s fitting nicely on to one side of a 60 minute tape. Still though, I toughened up and sat through all 54 minutes of it. I found that some of the songs just dragged on a bit. Like they mean well and they have the right ideas but I guess you need to be in the right mood to enjoy Klone at their best… or a hippie stoner (of which I’m not).

I was quite impressed though with what they did with the Bjork cover, “Army of Me”. Even though I went to University and studied an arts degree, I am not a fan of Bjork’s music at all but I do think she’s an interesting character and her music videos are always unique and something outside of the standard music video formula. This cover by Klone made me want to check out the original just so I could see how different it sounds. I like it when that happens cos it gets me listening to other bands and I may end up liking it (although this is Bjork and I doubt I’ll be rockin’ away to the Icelandic princess anytime soon).

This Klone album was alright. It wasn’t a smashing success but it will get a bunch more plays around the office, albeit in parts. I think fans of grunge and stoner rock will really enjoy this one.

LENG TCH’E – “Hypomanic” (Season Of Mist)
I always know I am in for a big night when a Season of Mist release winds up on the desk and this one comes from grind kings, Leng Tch’e. You see, when I was in highschool, there was this dude named Stuart and he had a holiday in the UK and came back with this video that had this TV program hosted by Elvira that was about the history of metal. The buxom beauty sat on her couch and told us random facts about the metal bands she played. The highlight for me was a double header segment on Slayer and Napalm Death. Especially the Napalm Death segment. This was the real deal line-up of ND. The one that I believe was the best one; Lee Dorian, Bill Steer, Mick Harris and Shane Embury. Keep in mind that I haven’t ever seen ND live (this will soon change though come September), but the line-up has changed so much that I am sure it isn’t at all like what is seen in this video. It’s brutal. They’re all so young and they only play songs from “Scum” and “From Enslavement to Obliteration”. The real brutal stuff! ANYWAY, my point of this is that there’s this dude down the front trying to light a cigarette on the monitors and this proves unsuccessful but he doesn’t care and starts headbanging anyway with the unlit cigarette in his mouth. Oh and I should point out that there is usually more people on stage than in the crowd while ND pound out songs like “The Kill” and “Control”. So why all this Napalm Death malarkey? Well, that is how I discovered grindcore. All thanks to that video tape.

Leng Tch’e I am sure listen to tons of ND. Probably not so much the “Scum” record but no doubt the “Massappeal Madness”-era. And I am guessing Pig Destroyer are one of their favourite bands too. But hey, who doesn’t list Pig Destroyer as one of their favourite bands? I mean, isn’t that the given thing? Like, you go to a bar and you see a nice lady having after work drinks with her friends so you strut up to her and say “Why hello there… I saw you from across the room and was wondering if you’d like to come back to my house and listen to some Pig Destroyer?” I am sure it works everytime. That’s like heaps sexy. Well, my friends, now you can use the new Leng Tch’e to add to your pick-up lines and draw the ladies in. This stuff will hook ‘em by the truckloads. Not that I have tried it or anything but I’m sure it works. How could a girl resist the chance of a night at your house while “Death’s Head Cockroach” blasts through the speakers at breakneck speeds? Or what about the soothing sounds of “Refined Torture”. Sure, they’re clichéd song titles for a grind band but if it’s fine for Manowar to use hammer or steel in every song title then it’s ok for Leng Tch’e to crank out happy numbers like “Anthropocentric Suicide” or “Corrosive Rotgut”. The latter has me just itching to say to someone “you’re a rotgut!”

Leng Tch’e are one of those bands that you either love or hate. There’s no sitting on the fence with this one so don’t bother trying. It’s grindcore metal; fast as fuck, full of riffs, and indecipherable lyrics. Yep, you love it.

SEVERE TORTURE – “Slaughtered” (Season Of Mist)
This album was heaps funny. It was grindcore death metal from some Dutch dudes. Very well produced / recorded with a big beefy slick sound n stuff. I totally don’t listen to this type of music unless I am sent it to review so sometimes sitting through an album like this is a hard task for me. This was one of those times. I am a big fan of harmonies and melodies (of which this album has none) so when I just hear a bunch of fast riffage and lots of gruffy vocals that I can’t make out a single word from, I do kinda get bored and just phase out. I know, totally not cool of me and I should be paying attention if I am writing a review but I can’t help it. I’m a fan of Cheap Trick and Redd Kross, not Severe Torture. I ain’t saying this band is terrible or anything, it’s just not doing it for me. I need more variety in my grindcore; especially if I am expected to sit through a song that goes for 4 and a half minutes. That’s a real chore for me. My attention span is too short and I usually find myself shopping on eBay for Motley Crue action figures or a new skateboard deck. It’s a bit like that Leng Tch’e album, only not as good for some reason. The drummer plays like a motherfucker though. So fast and his blast beats are out of control. I wish I could steal him for my band. I am sure live this band would be pretty good. I like seeing grindcore live cos the sheer power of it is something to witness. As for this album? Well, I made it about half way and needed a break from it; just after the guitar solo in the album’s title track (which I might add was about the most melodic thing on the whole album).

All of these albums can be purchased from Riot! Entertainment.

Bootleg Booze Records is a label from Arvika, Sweden and is run by a couple of cool dudes who love rock n roll. They have released an extensive catalogue of releases throughout the years on high quality vinyl pressings including coloured and special edition vinyl releases for their “singles club”. Always well worth your money, I strongly recommend this label as they are in it for the right reasons; a pure love of great music. For the most part, the crux of releases are from Scandinavian bands but a few bands outside of the region sneak into the roster and deliver the goods. Here’s my take on the swag they’ve sent me over the last year or 2 that was to be in issue #15 of Long Gone Loser but seeing as there is no issue #15, just an anthology in book form, I have put them here for you.

THE ACCIDENTS – “Stigmata Rock ‘n’ Rolli” (Bootleg booze)
I first heard the Accidents years ago and thought they were amusing, crazy, and cool and it’s funny how nothing changes but the shoes. This 6 tracker of punk meets 50’s rock n roll is a real fun mix. These guys are a riot and I think they’d be a hoot to see live. The only beef I have with this record is the guitars are a bit grating to the ears so I need to fuck with the equalizer a bit so it doesn’t hurt my sensitive half deaf ears too much. Still though, it’s punk rock and it’s great. This is kinda like drunk punk without the drunks and it’s sure to get the kids dancing. One of the tracks, “Lonely Street”, sounds remotely like The Undertones “Teenage Kicks” but alas, it wasn’t to be but instead, it’s a great love song that sounds like it could be on the soundtrack for a punk rock version of The Wanderers (if such a thing was ever made). Think of the Powder Monkeys meets 50’s rock ‘n’ roll and that’s about the best description I can give you. Sounds crazy but that’s what I am hearing. The vocals do remind me a lot of the late Tim Hemensley (R.I.P.) so maybe that’s why I am thinking that. Either way, this 10” record is a lot of fun and is 6 tracks you’ll wanna keep. Enjoy!

BACKYARD BABIES – “Fuck off And Die” (Bootleg Booze)
That last self-titled album from the Backyard Babies was a fuckin’ killer! I loved it. And this here, the first 7” single from the album is a taster of what that album was all about; the Backyard Babies returning to their punk rock n roll roots and delivering the goods. Great songs, great anthemic chorus’, an awesome mix of tattoos, angst and Social Distortion meets the Ramones. “Fuck Off & Die” is simply awesome! The flip has another track from the album called “Zoe Is A Weirdo” which is a classic ballsy number followed by the slower re-working of “Saved By The Bell”, played differently here in a stripped down piano version starring GNR’s Dizzy Reed. Well fancy that, eh? The Backyard Babies are one of my favourite bands and if you’re a fan, you own this already. If not, you should. Yep, rock!

FOUR FLAMINGOS – “Mad Evil Woman” (Bootleg Booze)
One great record label, two sides of hot pink vinyl, three tracks, four flamingos all bandied together on this 7” slab. The A side was a great ass kickin’ punk tune that seemed it was over not long after it started. Quick and to the point. The flip had 2 tunes, the first, “No Rules”, was alright and whilst not the best thing you’ll hear all year, it wasn’t bad. The A side was still better though. The second and final track, “Since I Met You”, was a slower number and I quite digged it. I think it’s still too early to know what I think of the Four Flamingos at this point in time. I like it but am not sure of how much. Need to hear more first and then I can make an informed decision. So far, so good.

MID-LIFE CRISIS – “Cranked Up Really High” (Bootleg Booze)
I loved the first Midlife Crisis 7” single and was stoked when this turned up in the mail. On lovely gold vinyl, this 4 track slab or punk rock featuring the all-star line-up of Urrke T (Mary Slim), Dregen (Backyard Babies), Mans (The Maggots) and Robert (Hellacopters), was always gonna be killer – regardless if the songs were good or not. That line-up alone should get mouths drooling. There’s no originals, it’s just 4 guys getting together and playing killer punk covers from the late 70’s. They are all smokin’ versions too! Just real good solid punk rock with a great sound and excellent playing. Here we cop Slaughter & The Dogs, PF Commando, The Outsiders and The Menace. I had never heard some of these originals so the good thing about this single is, like the first one, it got me searching out the original bands. That’s a good sign. This is really great! I love the title track, it’s a balltearer and well worth the bucks alone. Awesome!

A split 7” featuring 2 ass-kicking motor punk rock n roll bands. The UK’s Black Radio (who I think are fuckin’ tops) deliver 2 speed punk thrashers in the vein of Zeke, Speedealer, Peter Pan Speedrock, etc. and their songs just shred like a motherfucker. I am all about this band. Guts, power, brutality, rock n roll! This is the shit, baby! The Ruling Class are from Sweden and I hadn’t heard their tunes before I heard this 7” and my verdict? Similar style, powerful thrash punk rock n roll like Motorhead meets The Peepshows and Puffball. You dig the sound, I do too. I really need to hear more from these guys. Great stuff! This is a must have record for anyone who digs the genre known as ‘Motorpunk’. Lovin’ it!

VARIOUS ARTISTS – “Bootleg Series Vol. 1 – Up North / Down Under” (Bootleg Booze)
When this LP arrived in the mail, I was pretty darn excited. Behind the awesome Dirty Donny cover art, you will find a comp of Aussie and Swedish bands dishing up exclusive tracks. The problem for me is that when I turn the record over and read the bands featured on here, unfortunately my professional tact is thrown out the window and my personal problems surface. There are 2 bands on here featuring a guitarist I don’t particularly like who happens to play in both. Hey, if he acted like a mate to you but was busy fucking your (now ex-) girlfriend, you’d hate him too. So I figured, how can I review this? Well, I am gonna take the easy way out and just fail to mention his bands. This guy doesn’t deserve any exposure cos he’s an asshole, to put it mildly, and it caused a lot of shit for me in my personal life. I won’t cause disrespect to the other bands on the comp though as they’re all awesome and should be spoken about, so here goes…

First of all, I found it interesting that this comp has a few songs by Aussie bands who have already broken up. But I digress, let’s start with side A, shall we. The album kicks off with a killer track called “Good Times Gone” by The Specimens, a band who I do miss dearly. I used to see these cats all the time. Great songs and great playing. They were always a good time. Tramp I have never heard before but their track was most rockin’. I will definitely search out more from them. The Leadfinger track, “Swept Back”, was exactly what I expected, which was melodic and tops. I love his work. I think he has grown in leaps and bounds as a song writer over the years and his work continues to improve. I have featured his stuff many times on the LGL Rock Show so if you’ve been listening in, you’ve been hearing it. One of my fave tunes on here was definitely The Deadbeats song, “Gets Me By”. It was just so catchy and cool and I was singing along bigtime. It’s reminiscent of the mid-80’s Waterfront Records era of Australian rock n roll with bands like the Spunkbubbles, The Eastern Dark, etc. Top tune and probably my pick of the bunch. Seriously, get into it! Sator seem to have been around for a long time now and it was good to hear that their punk n roll is still kickin’ ass! Their stuff aint so easy to find here in Ozland though so I had forgotten all about them until this comp turned up so thanks for that! And finally, the last band, well, no disrespect to the other 3 but your guitarist can go fuck himself!

Onto Side B and we start with one of my favourite bunch of Swede’s, The Sewergrooves. Their track “Easy To Pretend” was a tasty treat. I really like these cats and feel they put out quality records, just it doesn’t seem like anyone buys them. A shame. These guys are really on it and their guitarist is a shred master. The Sure-Fire Midnights were a bunch of hot chicks from Melbourne who I think have broken up now which is a shame cos their track, “Over The Edge” is a real rocker, kinda like a more rock n roll, less punk version of the Lunachicks. Rio Grande were a new band to my ears and their track, “Eye For Eye” started off sounding like 70’s Iron Maiden but once the female vocals started, those similarities ended. Still, the song was like a blend of 70’s rock n roll and punk. A really good tune and I hope to hear more from them. The Screwtop Detonators were from Melbourne but sadly, have since called it a day. One of my fave Melbourne bands, these guys always delivered but then it all just fell apart and that was that. A damn shame. Great guys and fellow Wildhearts fans as well. Their song, “We Want You” follows their tradition of power pop punk n roll and if you’re hip to these guys, you know what you’re getting. I miss this band. These cats were awesome and you should check out their full length on Off The Hip. What’s a comp of bands from Sweden without including “Demons”? Exactly! So they are featured here with a track called “The Leeches (I’m Getting Out)” and of course, it rules. The bridge and chorus sounds a lot like the New Bomb Turks so that’s a winner in my books. This side of the album ends with a tune by a band that has that piece of shit guitarist so again, no disrespect to the other band members but you ain’t getting the time of day on this site!

So there ya go, besides those 2 tracks I don’t bother with, every single song is a winner on this compilation. Well worth the cash and it’s on glorious vinyl so the artwork looks fantastic. Excellent liner notes from i-94 Bar’s Craig Regan and Sweden’s own rock legend, Dave Champion. Bootleg Booze have been consistently putting out great records and this is another they can chalk up as a win. Although, the Aussie band selection could have been improved and honestly, I would have given the record space to 2 other bands who are a lot better and would have me favouring the whole goddamn record. Examples for next time: Mustang, The Darkest Heartstrings (although they sadly broke-up too but hot damn they were good), Johnny Casino & The Secrets, Bored!, The Meanies, The Onyas, The Hits, Killerbirds, Tigernauts, Wrong Turn, The Dollyrocker Movement, The Blacklist, The Spazzys, Russian Roulettes, etc. to name a few. Just sayin’.

And here are a couple releases from new local Melbourne label, Bro Fidelity.

FIRE WITCH – “Critter / Kritta / I Spit Lies” (Bro Fidelity / We Empty Rooms)
I remember when Muscle Car played a gig with Fire Witch years ago at the Green Room and I remember them being really fucking loud. And they had no guitarists, just bass players and a drummer. It was intense yet you couldn’t turn away. But then, I never heard of them again. Now, god knows how many years later, this turned up in the mail. Nice! I put it on and was taken on an almost 50 minute jam through 4 tracks (which is really just 2 tracks anyway). These are impromptu jams of psychedelic stoner rock ala Om and Boris. The CD’s booklet says the track, “I Spit Lies” comes complete with lyrics written by Hard-Ons guitarist, Blackie, although I must be deaf cos I didn’t hear a single word throughout the 31 minute jam. I think I’m going senile. The second song, “Critter / Kritta”, is a different style 2-part jam and has more of a funky rhythm to it. This is one weird band and not exactly how I remember them but it was a long time ago. For those who dig psychedelic instrumental jams and lots of bass guitars, this is your band! Right here, Fire Witch. You heard it! Limited to 500 copies only in cool hand packaged cardboard sleeve. Way cool? Way!

HOTEL WRECKING CITY TRADERS – “Somer / Wantok” (Bro Fidelity)
The HWCT seem like they never stop playing. Like seriously, if you live in Melbourne, you are no doubt familiar with their name if not their style of instrumental noise, pounding drums and riffs. They seem to play like 2000 gigs per month around the city of Melbourne. I know, it sounds crazy but it’s true. The only band that I know that seem to play more often than they do is another Melbourne band, Sin City, but I am sure the HWCT are giving them a good run for their money. ANYWAY, this 7” serves up 2 tracks of a bassless rummage and my fave of the 2 was ‘Wantok’ as I felt it had a bit more of a tune to it. Sometimes I wonder just when you hit the point in your musical career or there being nowhere else to go but these guys have driven past that and somehow manage to keep making it work, time and time again. For a 2 piece chicken feed of brothers, the HWCT aren’t stopping anytime soon as it appears the possibilities for psychedelic noise are endless. I like the cover too, looks pretty swish with the gold stamped logo on the front n stuff. Definitely for fans of SUNN O))), Monarch, Boris, Desert Sessions, Grey Dayturas, and the entire Southern Lord back-catalogue. Limited to 300 copies so get in quick if 2 piece stoner jams is your kink.

Click here for Bootleg Booze Records online.
Click here for Bro Fidelity online.
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A few posts back, I did a review of the Goodnight Loving’s self-titled album and thought it was quite a good one. So last night I played it again and was still amazed at the greatness of this thing. It’s really quite swell and I think if you haven’t heard it, you should get along to Off The Hip and buy yourself a copy on CD or glorious vinyl. This album is a keeper. But that’s not why I am talking about them today. You see, back in September last year (2009, and the 4th, to be exact), the chaps from the Goodnight Loving visited Australia to play a bunch of shows around Melbourne and Sydney. One of these shows was an instore performance at Off The Hip Records. I went along and took my trusty video camera to film this event cos I saw them the weekend previous with Johnny Casino and they were awesome so I had to capture this great band so I could show it to friends n stuff that haven’t ever seen them.

ANYWAY, the reason for this random post is that just recently I made a DVD of that show and you’re all entitled to copies of it. Seriously! I’m not out to make money off the band so all you gotta do if you want a copy is paypal me $4 (USA) to: damomusclecarhotmail.comat (replace the at with an @, obviously) and I will use that $4 to buy a DVD-R, make you a copy and then post it to your doorstep, just like that! That’s a heaps good deal. If you know me personally, just give me a blank DVD and I’ll burn it for you. There’s no cover art but you will get the full 36 minute show. It was all filmed with 1 camera but it is a digital camcorder. There’s no extras cos I don’t know how to do that (plus I only filmed this one show) but this is a show recorded in stereo and the sound and picture quality are both rockin’ enough.

I have uploaded the entire show in a lower quality to YouTube which you can watch here but if you want the full thing on DVD-R, then yeah, I’ll hook you up.

In the meantime, here’s the show on YouTube from start to finish. Enjoy!