MUSCLE CAR in Head Gap Studios (April 2008)

Posted: June 17, 2010 in Muscle Car, Random Rant
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In January of 2008, I moved from the land of Balfours (Adelaide) to the land of freezing cold winters and no good cakes but awesome everything else (Melbourne) and upon making such a big decision, I had to think of what I was going to do with the band. End it or just keep going with new people? Well, the last line-up in Adelaide was already a bunch of new people anyway so it made no problem for me to get up and go. Plus, I had wanted to move to Melbourne for many years and finally I made the decision to do it.

I arrived into Melbourne, got myself a job within 2 weeks, and went to the pre-show drinks at the Corner Hotel before the Ozzy gig. While there, I was speaking to a past MC bassist, James and he introduced me to a dude named Riley. Long story short, he’s now the guitarist. ANYWAY, I was stoked that within a few months of living in Melbourne, a new line-up was happening, a tour of the UK was organised and a new recording was booked for April. Only being together for a couple weeks as a full line-up, we went in and nutted out 4 songs.

I made this little film about our time at Head Gap Studios recording those 4 tracks… 1 of which you hear in this film titled “Queen Of Noise”. I originally wrote this song in 1998 and I honestly have no idea what the lyrics are about; it’s basically a bunch of catch phrases from bands I like (Twisted Sister, MC5, Powder Monkeys, Poison, etc.). It was recorded with the original MC line-up (Myself, Adam, Shamus and Paul) in 1999 and to be honest, I never really liked the original recording cos I thought the guitar solos sounded like Slayer and whilst I am a fan of Slayer, I don’t feel that crazy style of solos works with the MC sound. So I have put both versions up so you can hear the difference.

First up, the new recording put to tape in 2008.

And here is the original promo done in 1999 (but not finished until 2000).

This original video was Muscle Car’s first music video… and it definitely shows. Filmed in Damo’s bedroom using a hydroponic light to brighten up the room, and shot on Super 8 film, this video was filmed on a 36 degree day at the band’s residence on Payneham Rd. With the Summer heat and the hydro light, it was about 45+ degrees in the room and we were all dehydrating rapidly. But that’s rock n roll. The dark / light flashes are from the Super 8 film being projected on to a white wall while being filmed with a HD camera. The cam couldn’t pick-up the frame rate as quickly as the human eye can, hence the flashing. Edited at Flinders Uni where Damo and Aaron studied film-making, this was our first real attempt at making a video.


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