The True Lovers

Posted: February 19, 2010 in Album Review
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For a brief moment there, sometime in 2002, all eyes were on New Zealand’s rock ‘n’ roll scene as 2 bands started getting notice from outside their homeland; The Datsuns and The D4. Both bands released kickass debuts, both bands started their kickass debut albums with songs about motherfuckers, and both bands rocked like fuck! The Datsuns have released a handful of albums and EPs and still continue to play around the globe to this day. But The D4? They followed their debut (‘6Twenty’) with a great album titled “Out Of My Head” and then without notice, they disappeared off the face of the earth. I waited patiently for a new album, a new single, anything… only to find a couple years later that the band were on an indefinite hiatus.

I stayed in touch with both The D4’s vocalist / guitarist, Jimmy Christmas and lead guitarist, Dion Lunadon, and found they were both in new bands. I followed the bands to their respective Myspace pages and immediately liked what I heard. It was also a bit of bloody good luck to find that the same day I touched down into New York City last year, I was on the guest list for a show by Dion’s new band, The True Lovers. I attended the gig and really enjoyed the soulful rockin’ sounds that the True lovers had on offer. A completely different sound to what I was used to with The D4 but it had the same energy levels and hot guitar licks that made The D4 stand out in the first place. I walked away from the show knowing I had witnessed the early stages of something damn good.

Now, available on glorious vinyl is the self-titled debut album by Brooklyn’s own True Lovers and it’s a winner. There’s 11 tracks of dark, seductive, sleazy and raw rock n roll that if you’re one to mix a cool martini whilst entertaining the women who like the cut of your jib, you’re going to lap this album up quicker than you can say “Pimpin’ ain’t easy, man!” The most obvious quality of this album, and certainly the first thing I noticed when listening to it is the tones and sounds of the vintage equipment used for the recording. With recording through all analog equipment, right down to the mastering off tape, this LP is an audiophile’s dream and for the best possible experience, the only real way to hear this is of course, on wax. There’s a certain raw grittiness that only vinyl can provide and you can hear it right here on this LP.

To give you a taster, here is the video of the first single by the True Lovers titled ‘Death Threat’. It was directed by Memphis legendary filmmaker, Mike McCarthy.

The True Lovers self-titled debut album is available now on Altra Records.

True Lovers official website
True Lovers on Facebook
True Lovers on Myspace
True Lovers on Twitter


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